Emergency Services

An inherent part of Jewish life is the commandment to not only value life but to do all that is humanly possible to save a life. There are many organizations offering Emergency Services in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. Here’s are some links to some of them:

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom (the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross) provides 24-hour emergency medical service in most of the urban centers.  Magen David Adom also provides ambulance service to the nearest emergency room. Emergency number: dial 101 or 911 all over Israel.

Tel Aviv: 03-5460111
Jerusalem: 02-6523133
Haifa: 04 8512233

Hatzolah Organizations

This amazing organization has become a world-wide power in saving lives. In minutes, their emergency forces arrive, take charge and care for the sick and wounded. Here are some of their branches.

Main website: http://www.unitedhatzalah.org/

  • Israel: http://www.hatzalah.org.il/
    • Southern branch: http://www.hatzolahdarom.org/
  • Australia: http://www.hatzolah.com.au/
  • Belgium: http://www.hatzoloh.be/
  • England (northern London branch): http://www.hatzola.net/
  • South Africa: https://www.hatzolah.co.za/
  • Switzerland: http://www.hazoloh.ch/
  • United States: http://www.hatzalah.org/
    • Baltimore: http://hatzalahbaltimore.com/
    • Chicago: http://www.hatzalahchicago.org/
    • Connecticut: http://hatzalahofwaterbury.org/
    • Lakewood, NJ: http://www.lakewoodhatzolah.com/
    • Los Angeles: http://www.hatzolahofla.org/
    • Miami-Dade, Florida: http://miamihatzalah.com/
    • North Jersey Area, NJ: http://www.hatzolahems.org/index.html