Linking Israel

Israel is a nation like no other – but it is also a people, a history, a dream, a hope, and so much more. This site is dedicated to enhancing the links we all feel.

Explore….learn….join us on a trip through time and around the world, through history, through the land of Israel. On these pages are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of links to other sites, other resources, ideas, facts.

Linking Israel is about the eternal link that binds the Jewish people to the land of Israel and the land of Israel to the Jewish people. It is about what we do as a nation for each other, for ourselves. It is about history, charity, religion, holidays, and life.

Linking Israel is about that moment when a Jew travels half way around the world, sees another Jew, and knows he has found a home, a place to rest, shelter, food. He knows, she knows, in that moment, that there is a link that binds one to the other as no other link ever has.

Linking Israel – where we link to the links that link us…

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